Evan Irvine montreal engineering firm team member

Evan Irvine

Partner - Project Manager

Evan graduated from Concordia University in the spring of 2009 in civil engineering, in the structural option. He also completed some masters level courses in seismic analysis and design. Evan first joined the firm as an intern in the summer of 2008, before joining full time in 2009 as a junior engineer. He Immediately gained valuable experience working on and managing a wide variety of multi story office, residential, and industrial building projects in both reinforced concrete and structural steel. Having joined the firm just before the implementation of the 2005 building code, he was also able to help modernize the firm’s seismic design procedures. Evan became part-owner in 2014, and his current responsibilities include project management, design of steel and reinforced concrete structures, seismic analysis and design, staff management, contract administration, businesses development and marketing, and project design and documentation procedure development. The hiring of Evan in 2008 marked the start of a significant shift in the firm – SBSA is now proud to have hired and trained many other young engineers that are shaping the future of the firm.