Milo Shemie

Retired partner

Milo has been associated with the firm since 1963, when it was called “D’Allamagne & Barbacki” and became a partner in SBSA in 1980. He acted as president from 1992-2010. A B.Sc. graduate of London University, Milo Shemie started his career in London, England before emigrating to Canada where he joined Jack Barbacki as a design team member for the Place Victoria, Stock Exchange Tower in Montreal. He earned his Masters degree in Civil Engineering in 1971 at Concordia University in Montreal. His experience spans the full range of structural engineering including high-rise buildings, seismic analysis, precast concrete residential complexes, industrial, bridge, and municipal structures, as well as vessel, tank, stack and silo design.

Milo retired from his full time position at the end of 2016.