Major Modifications to the Historic Montreal Forum

As the sole structural consultants for this $75,000,000.00 project, we successfully responded to the following structural challenges:

  • Temporary stabilization of the 75 foot high perimeter walls by a system of vertical trusses.
  • Shoring, underpinning and construction of up to 37 foot deep freestanding concrete foundation walls.
  • Reconstruction of 2 levels below ground plus 4 levels above ground representing approximately 2000 tons of new structural steel all added within the existing Forum Building.
  • Complex modifications to the existing column-free roof structure.
  • Coordination of structure with numerous architectural representatives of the various major tenants including fit-up for 22 new cinemas on 3 levels.
  • Date of Completion: 2001
  • Cost of construction: $75,000,000.00
  • Contractor: Reliance Construction
  • Scope of services: Complete structural documents for tender and construction as well as full site supervision for foundations and superstructure