The Appalaches Nature plant is a one-story syrup production facility located in Thetford Mines, Quebec, with a total area of approximately 94,000 square feet.  Construction of the technologically advanced plant was completed in 2019 with an environmentally friendly approach. The new facility was designed to be as sustainable as possible using a biomass heating system, among other sustainable initiatives, and is currently a LEED® Certification Candidate.

SBSA provided full structural engineering services for the project.  Conventional steel construction was utilized for the building structure.  Open-web steel joists and Gerber roof beam design were used for the roof structure allowed for up to 13m clear spans with little cost penalty. Conventional spread footings were used for the foundations.

SBSA also provided structural services related to the syrup production process including the design of mezzanines, mechanical penthouses, gravity and seismic supports for equipment, piping, silos and chimney bases, etc.

In addition to SBSA Structural Consultants, the design team assembled by Design/Builder Frare & Gallant for this environmentally conscious facility consisted of:

  • Groupe Leclerc / architect
  • IGRL / process engineering
  • Avizo experts-conseils / environmental
  • Rochon experts-conseils / mechanical and electrical
  • Date of Completion: 2019
  • Design-builder: Frare & Gallant
  • Cost of Construction: $28 000 000