Continuously Serving a Global Leader in the Food and Beverage Industry since 1965

SBSA’s relationship with Kraft, now The Kraft Heinz Company, dates back to the mid 1960’s when SBSA completed the structural design of major extensions to the Mount-Royal plant, the Viau plant which is now operating under Mondelez International, and the Ingleside, Ontario plant. Over the course of the last 50 years much has changed, both within the plants and at SBSA, but one thing has remained constant – our ability to quickly and efficiently address structural issues to help minimize costs and downtime.

Since the 60’s SBSA has been involved in numerous major building renovations, including new penthouses, major extensions, new roof top equipment, new pipe support structures, and the verification and upgrading of existing structures for new equipment. SBSA has also designed countless stainless steel wash down friendly structures for installation within production areas.

Recently SBSA has been involved in some significant projects at both the Mount Royal and Ingleside plants which were based around major upgrades to existing production lines. Our close collaboration and coordination with the process engineers and steel fabricators allowed for major structural upgrades to be executed with a limited shutdown time frame.


  • Date of Completion: 1965 - Present