The Canadien Grenadier Guard’s Armoury resting at the foot of Mount-Royal on Esplanade Avenue is an impressive building in a historic sector of Montreal. SBSA obtained the mandate to evaluate and develop the structural reinforcing schemes required following the decision by the Canadian federal government to upgrade the aging roof and improve its insulation.

The envelope of the building is composed of load-bearing masonry walls which prop up a central sloped roof. This roof is given its shape by a system of large steel trusses creating and impressive open area below. This central section is sandwiched on either end by two story hybrid wood and steel structures. The existing trusses were surveyed on site and then accurately modeled with ETABS allowing for the design team to develop the required reinforcements. Many steel and wood members from the adjacent flat roofs also required custom reinforcements due to the increased snow loads. The centennial building with its particular assembly and unique detailing presented an interesting challenge which the SBSA team was able to overcome thanks to its technical abilities and especially its experience.

  • Date of Completion 2016
  • General Contractor Construction Jessiko
  • Scope of Services Full detailed engineering and construction phase services
  • Design Team Fabriq architect, Mistras