Cours de Brésoles is a project nestled away in plain sight in the historic Old Port of Montreal for which SBSA is providing the full range of structural engineering services including preliminary design, detailed design, and construction phase services. By integrating existing facades and wood structural elements of the existing structures, the cache of the area will be maintained. The project will bring to life two buildings which have been long abandoned.

The Notre-Dame West portion of the project involves a new seven-storey residential building with three underground parking levels. An existing façade facing Notre-Dame Street will be conserved, as well as existing archaeological foundations, which will be integrated with the new structure.

The Brésoles portion of the project involves the addition of a new 7th structural level and new 8th floor penthouse as well as modifications to the existing structure and access to underground parking.

Construction on the project is underway and access has been recently created to the interior area which will get the excavation going full speed ahead in the coming weeks.

  • Client: Tecnicon (consortium between Blenda Construction & Vinac Construction)
  • Architect: Ruccolo + Faubert Architectes inc
  • Mechanical Engineer: Dupras Ledoux
  • Services: Full services including construction phase