The Fusiliers Mont-Royal Armoury is situated in the heart of Montreal, at the intersection Pins avenue and Henri-Julien ever since its construction in 1911 during a construction blitz initiated before the first World War. Renown for its remarkable façade accentuated by an imposing parapet, which takes inspiration from medieval era castles, this building holds a special place in the military community. SBSA had the honor to put its touch on this historic building by participating in a major roof renovation project, which required structural interventions.

The armoury is composed of perimeter masonry loadbearing walls, which help support a central peaked roof sloped towards four (4) adjacent flat structures comprised of wood and steel beams. A computer-assisted analysis of the main building frames was performed in order to accurately identify and minimise the required reinforcements. Some wood and steel roof beams were upgrade in order to properly support the new snow loads brought on from an increase in roof insulation. Furthermore, a system of lifelines were added to the roof to facility future maintenance projets. 

  • Date of Completion 2017
  • General Contractor Jessiko
  • Scope of Services Full detailed engineering and construction phase services
  • Design Team Fabriq architect, Mistras