Bearing Wall Removal for the Creation of a Modern Kitchen

SBSA helped make the vision of the new owners of this classic Saint-Lambert home a reality by providing the engineering services to remove an existing load bearing wall. The opened-up space was used for a brand new modern kitchen.

This renovation included the installation of a glulam wood beam, installed below the existing second floor in place of the existing bearing wall, that the owners and designer decided to leave apparent for its visual effect. The glulam beam was supported at one end by a wood post resting on the foundation wall and at the other end by a small steel post, supported on the ground floor structure, that was neatly integrated into the cabinetry. SBSA collaborated closely with the contractor during the design and construction to ensure that the work was properly executed and to minimize the construction cost.

  • Date of Completion: 2017
  • Designer: Catherine Cleveille
  • Contractor: BPM Evolution